Open Bionics offers bionic prostheses for cyborgs and famous heroes

Open Bionics has announced that it is ready for mass production of its new Hero Arm bionic prosthetic arm. The stake was made on the US market, where they will be sold in cooperation with the Hanger Clinic. Previously, such prostheses were created to order and only for residents of the UK and France.

The main advantage of the new Hero Arm is the use of 3D printing, which makes them much cheaper than their counterparts. At the same time, the manufacturer promises to provide maximum functionality - the prosthesis has myoelectric sensors to read muscle movements. And it provides feedback through a system of tactile vibration sensors, light and sound signals.

The prosthesis is claimed to provide realistic movement, adequate speed, and gesture accuracy. It takes 40 hours of work and $ 3000 to create one instance. In comparison, some analogs cost $ 90, 000 and are created over the course of weeks, if not months. 3D printing also makes it easy to change the design of the product - for example, the hands of cyborgs and superheroes are very popular.

Open Bionics founder Joel Gibbard, a teenager from Bristol, received the James Dyson honorary industrial design award a year after opening the company. Two years later, he became the winner of the AI ​​& Robotics Award for Good in the UAE, which was accompanied by a grant of $ 1 million, which made it possible to realize the idea of ​​the “Hero Arm” prosthesis. Joel himself admits that the commercial component of the project is far from the main thing for him.