Dubai is the prototype for cities to survive global warming

The future main square of the emirate and the eponymous city of Dubai will become an exemplary example of "man-made open space". This is a huge space under the dome, where several city blocks are located and all infrastructure facilities are presented. There are already several dozen similar structures, but on a much smaller scale, in the city, and together they give an idea of ​​how people can survive in the growing heat.

In summer, the air temperature in the desert around Dubai fluctuates in the range of 41-48 degrees Celsius and without special equipment it is dangerous to health in the open air. In addition, the proximity to the sea provides high humidity - if the global temperature continues to rise, it will become impossible to live here. But today the rich inhabitants of the emirate live in almost ideal conditions, hiding from the sun under transparent roofs.

The main thing is a controlled microclimate and closed passages between buildings. In fact, these are entire streets and squares under domes, but they allow maintaining acceptable conditions. True, you have to sacrifice freedom, because the road from home to work, to a park, store, cinema, court or kindergarten passes under a roof and the covered space, although large, is limited. This is not a closed sterile area, you can get in the car or take the subway to another area with similar conditions. But it is extremely uncomfortable to be outside the protective buildings.

Partly because there are concentrated areas of residence of the poor, migrants from Asian countries who do not and will not have emirate citizenship, and therefore they are at the bottom rung of the social ladder. In contrast to the luxurious areas under the domes, here the infrastructure is the most primitive and there is no escape from the heat, no one invests in the development of slums. And this is how the whole of humanity is destined to live, with a strict division into rich and poor. However, if global warming breaks out in full force, the rising sea level will flood both the outskirts and the whole of Dubai.