Ellie the holographic elf helps to choose gifts for Christmas

Mall of America has partnered with mixed reality startup VNTANA to create the world's first holographic concierge, Ellie. The virtual elf helps the visitors of the Holiday Cottage shopping center to find the boutique they want, based on certain criteria.

Using the microphone, shoppers ask Ellie where they can find the product they want, including specifying characteristics such as "men, " "girls, " "children, " and "babies." As a result of this refinement, the buyer finds what he is looking for.

Ellie has a complete catalog of all the stores in the mall in her mind. In the process of communication, he recognizes voices and reacts to the peculiarities of speech, which helps him to give the necessary advice.

Perhaps most buyers will be able to do without such help, but since we are talking about the beginning of the Christmas sales, the services of a virtual consultant in the largest shopping centers will not be superfluous.