Kampung Admiralty Pension in Singapore named International Building of the Year

The most outstanding project of the year was chosen at the 2018 World Architecture Festival in Amsterdam. This is the Kampung Admiralty residential development in Singapore from WOHA, which rebuilt several old high-rise buildings into a new multi-level recreational area. It is designed to meet the needs of older citizens for a clean, green and safe environment.

The concept of the building is a vertical or hanging garden, only in this case the height is secondary. An old residential area, consisting of several multi-storey towers and lintels between them, was taken as a basis, after which the unused internal space of 0.9 hectares was built up with a multi-stage structure. It has three large tiers, divided into separate floors. At the very bottom there are spacious halls for sports and dancing, in the middle there is a medical center, and upstairs there is a public park in the open air.

The building has an underground parking, a shopping center, a kindergarten, restaurants. Not only old people live here - rather, they make up the main contingent, but in general Kampung Admiralty is a typical residential complex, where a maximum of infrastructure facilities have been placed in a limited space. The difference with other projects is that the focus here is not on commercial benefits, but on comfort. For example, the building has symbolic electricity bills, because there is enough natural light everywhere, there is passive ventilation and shaded areas.

Singapore is rainy enough, so Kampung Admiralty has a water collection system that feeds all the green spaces. And there are so many of them that almost every floor has its own biosphere. The judges of the competition really liked the fact that old people do not go for a walk in a separate park, they already constantly move through it in the course of their daily business. Not to separate objects, buildings, institutions, but to be able to put together all that without which modern life is inconceivable, but without prejudice to the operating conditions - for this the project was awarded the title “Building of the Year”.