Sweden is ahead of the world in moving away from cash in favor of the digital economy

An alarming, almost pre-revolutionary situation with the means of payment has developed in Sweden. By 2025, half of all retail outlets and bank branches will have to refuse to work with cash, but no one can predict where this will lead. The society smells of a split - 10% of citizens are categorically against the irrevocable transition to digital payments. And the authorities contradict themselves.

“Do you need a 50 euro cent hot dog? Take it for free, since you do not have a card, we will not accept coins anyway. " Less than 1% of customers in Swedish stores today pay in cash, but physical money transactions take 15% of the time of store employees and slow down the introduction of new digital services. In the country, 4, 000 pioneers have already implanted chips with payment accounts, and next year the "electronic crown" - a digital version of traditional government money - is launched.

Swedish bankers are vigorously and openly lobbying for a complete transition to digital systems. Credit cards, debit cards and local service Swish provide 95% of all payments in the country, and from each bank receives a percentage. And digital money cannot be stolen by a bandit from the street, so if in 2008 there were 210 robberies of bank branches in Sweden, then in the past there were only 2 cases! Officially, only 0, 12% of the population in the country does not have any electronic means of payment at all - mostly, the elderly.

It seems that everything is going perfectly, and the question of finally switching to digital calculations should not even arise. In fact, everything is exactly the opposite - the current situation did not develop according to someone's thoughtful plan, but spontaneously. It is possible to calculate the risks of a total rejection of physical money and, on the basis of this, legally leave some part of it in the economy. Or let everything take its course - both options are perceived by experts with a slight horror, but no one can offer a Solomon solution yet.