Disney releases first trailer for new animated film "The Lion King"

The original animated film The Lion King, which was released in 1994, was so successful that it served as a "money machine" for Disney Studios for almost a quarter of a century. His remake, a re-release with modern graphics, in fact, was only a matter of time. The information was kept secret and unexpectedly for everyone, Disney stunned the audience with a gorgeous and intriguing trailer for the new film.

The plot, apparently, is unlikely to undergo changes. The young heir to the lion's pride, baby Simba, finds himself in a tangle of intrigues that his insidious uncle Scar weaves. Surely the audience will once again sob in the scene of the death of Mufasa, laugh at the adventures of Timon and Pumbaa, chant "Hakuna Matata" and rejoice at the return of the lion to the rightful throne. Although surprises are not excluded, for example, the addition of "politically correct" characters for the sake of the Hollywood conjuncture.

The main highlight of the new version of the film is its live performance, where the characters, although they are the fruit of digital graphics, behave like real animals. This may alienate some viewers who are nostalgic for cartoon classics, but if you look at it broadly, Disney has set a steady new trend. Remakes with live action and an abundance of digital graphics have recently been filmed almost by conveyor methods, so it is unlikely that any well-known work is in danger of being forgotten.