China launches country's first solid-state battery line

Gradually, more advanced solid-state batteries are replacing lithium-ion batteries, although their production volume is insignificant so far. But the situation will soon change for the better.

Xinhua University's Qing Tao Energy Development Co startup has launched the country's first solid-state battery line, according to Chinese media reports.

Their main difference is the presence of solid electrodes and solid electrolytes (in lithium-ion batteries, the electrolyte is liquid or gel-like). This makes them not only safer, but also allows higher energy densities to be achieved. Thus, one of the produced "solid" batteries has an energy density of more than 400 Wh / kg, while the new lithium-ion battery has only 250 to 300 Wh / kg.

The company has invested 1 billion yuan (144 million US dollars) in the project, and the total capacity of the produced batteries will be 100 MWh per year. This number is sufficient to supply 2, 000 long-range electric vehicles. According to the plan, by 2020 this figure should increase to 700 MWh.

China is not the only country in the solid-state battery business. In parallel, research in this area is being carried out by specialists from Volkswagen, Toyota, Dyson, BMW and Fisker.

It can take a long time to completely replace lithium-ion batteries with solid-state ones, experts say, but the introduction of a powerful production line in China will certainly accelerate this process.