Nat-2 creates sneakers from recycled coffee

Despite its youth, the German company nat-2 (founded in 2007) is well known in the world as a manufacturer of eco-friendly luxury footwear. Among her new additions is a line of sneakers with the addition of recycled coffee and plastic bottles. Previously, nat-2 has already become famous for shoes with elements of woody mushroom, natural stone, grass, flowers and durable woods.

Handcrafted unisex sneakers with the addition of recycled coffee were developed by Italian designers. The company representatives claim that the owners of unusual shoes will even be able to smell it when walking.

It is also reported that the top of the sneaker contains about 50% coffee, depending on the style chosen, while the rest of the elements are made from recycled plastic bottles. Their ecological advantages do not end there - in particular, the glue does not contain animal ingredients, the soles are made of natural rubber, and the antibacterial, soft insoles are made of cork.

A pair of nat-2 Coffee Line branded ecological footwear will cost 390 euros.