New Lexus commercial created according to the scenario of artificial intelligence

As part of the Social Media Week media conference, the Lexus brand presented its new concept for the development of luxury cars. Now the commercial for "Driven by intuition" has been published on the Internet, and its description states that the script was written by artificial intelligence. This is in keeping with the very essence of Lexus' advertising and vision - the unification of man and machine in search of the perfect result.

The video was directed by Oscar-winning Kevin MacDonald, who was entrusted with filming the creation of AI - the entire script, even its very idea, was developed by artificial intelligence. It was created and trained in the Visual Voice studio, in collaboration with The & Partnership London, in the course of work, the tools and applications of IBM Watson were actively used. The shooting itself was carried out by Carnage Films.

AI provided information about all the commercials that have received prestigious awards over the past fifteen years, it was trained in the concepts of emotional impact on the viewer, creating spectacular pictures in the frame, and the basics of feedback from the viewer. A separate course was a training program for intuition and its influence on the perception of information by the consumer. And then the AI ​​set the task: to write an extremely emotional script with a vivid demonstration of how a robot helps a person in difficult work.

An interesting point - the video shows one kind of possible symbiosis of people and machines, but the video itself is also an example of such work, in a different format. Decorations, special effects, sound, acting, etc. were made by people, but the authors of the video honestly admit that the original script from the AI ​​pleasantly surprised them. It is possible that the project will be the first in a series of new works - it turned out that if the question is correctly posed, AI creativity can bring real benefits.