Wind turbines kill more birds than most dangerous predators

Wind turbines, a source of cheap clean energy, have become an integral part of the industrial landscape in many countries. However, environmentalists sound the alarm: every year the blades of windmills, like a cruel predator, kill thousands of birds. It got to the point that in some parts of our planet the ecosystem began to change because of this.

For example, in the Indian region of the Western Ghats, a group of researchers from the Indian Institute of Science organized observation in the area of ​​a local wind farm. As it turned out, due to the large number of dead birds, the population of predatory lizards, for which they became food, increased sharply. This led to a change in the existing ratio of the number of lizards, their natural enemies, and those animals that they used to hunt. As a result, the disruption of the food chain has led to a dramatic change in the ecosystem.

The United States is trying to find a solution to this problem by experimenting with loudspeakers and sound cannons to scare birds away from rotating wind turbines. If these solutions are not enough, then humanity will have to come to terms with the changes in ecosystems around wind farms. The cost of abandoning wind energy turns out to be higher than the damage to local biomes.