Hovermap drones make their own maps of underground caves and tunnels

The immense mapping capabilities of drones are well known. As it turned out, they can be used with equal success to study underground structures - mines and tunnels.

Emesant is an Australian start-up company founded by former developers from research agency CSIRO, where they worked in the robotics and autonomous systems group to create the Hovermap technology. It uses lidar, anti-collision sensors and GPS to display the underground landscape.

This equipment is installed on drones, with the help of which the survey of underground areas that pose a danger to people is carried out. Last year, Emesant already used its technology in a test mode at a depth of 600 meters, where the fully autonomous drone made its first independent flight. Based on the data he collected, after appropriate computer processing, a 3D map of this place was compiled.

The project attracted potential investors. The company has already raised A $ 3.5 million to date and the first Hovermap drones will be available before the end of this year.