Self-driving cars will teach you how to make eye contact with pedestrians

According to the American Automobile Association, more than 63% of all people fear that no matter how perfect a robot is, it might not see them on the road. And this is not a question of distrust in technology, but a lack of feedback - a live driver at the wheel reacts to the surrounding reality and this reaction is at least understandable to everyone. But what the silent drone has thought of for itself, no one on the street understands.

Drones already have headlights to indicate turns and stop, so they need something more, according to Jaguar Land Rover. And they are developing a new type of interface, not for the interaction of a pedestrian and a car, but for informing the former about the actions of the latter. For example, huge, cartoon-like eyes-screens that will look at a person and wink "Hey, I see you, I'm slowing down and I'm not going to crush you at all!"

Those who are afraid of the sight of a big-eyed robot can choose the option with light indication or animation, when the current situation and the intentions of the car are displayed on the drone's front screen with pictograms. It is not so important what exactly and in what format to show, how to give a person eye contact, the understanding that the machine has noticed him and is ready to cooperate. And, on the other hand, the experiment is in full swing and it is possible that, based on its results, they will decide - no, people are scared and uncomfortable to feel so much attention from each bus or mail cart. Let's return to the original, "taciturn" version.