Ford has developed an unusual kennel for shy dogs

In many cities around the world, it is customary to celebrate the New Year with noisy fireworks, which causes serious stress for pets - especially dogs. According to statistics from the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals of Great Britain (RSPCA), up to 45% of British dogs suffer from "fireworks" stress.

The problem was answered (oddly enough) by the auto giant Ford, proposing the concept of a doghouse, which is reliably protected from harsh disturbing sounds.

As a "magic wand", Ford specialists used noise cancellation technology implemented in the Edge SUVs. As a result, a prototype of a doghouse was created, inside which silence reigns, even when holiday cannon fires are thundering around.

A similar effect became possible thanks to a special microphone that records the sounds of fireworks, and an audio system that emits sounds at frequencies that block external "sound" aggression. For greater reliability, the booth is soundproofed from natural cork.

So far, nothing is known about the effectiveness of the new and unusual brainchild of Ford. Since car noise cancellation technology is designed for humans, it is unknown how effective it is for dogs, whose hearing is much sharper than humans.