Installing OffGridBox Will Provide Developing Countries With Cheap Energy And Fresh Water

The availability of electricity and clean fresh water are the simplest and most pressing human needs, sometimes out of reach of millions of people in remote rural areas of developing countries.

Italian startup OffGridBox has unveiled a plant capable of providing a small community with electricity and drinking water. As a result of the advertising campaign, the project has already raised $ 1.6 million.

The unit is housed inside a small shipping container on the roof of which solar panels are mounted, and inside are dozens of batteries, lighting sources, a water tank and a purification plant.

Untreated water from a nearby natural source is transported or piped to a reservoir. From there, it enters the purification plant and is then released to consumers for a small fee. At the same time, charged batteries with bulbs are rented out. Each unit can generate up to 12 kWh of electricity. Household expenses for using OffGridBox features will not exceed 18 cents per day.

The cost of one unit is $ 15, 000 plus $ 10, 000 for shipping and installation anywhere in the world.