Boring Company connects an Xbox gamepad to control the earthmoving machine

"The best video game in history" - so, without undue modesty, representatives of the Boring Company (USA) presented their new product on Twitter. In the hands of the operator of a huge drilling or tunnel boring machine - the most ordinary Xbox gamepad, which he controls this whopper. It looks impressive, albeit dull at the same time.

Do not think about the practical benefits, many of Elon Musk's brainchildren have recently been carrying out an unspoken directive to attract audience attention with catchy undertakings. Whether they will be implemented and brought to the end is still a question. Although in this case, it seems that the main work has been done, it is relatively easy to connect the control system to the gamepad. And no one said that gamers would have to "play" in a real tunnel.

On the other hand, against the background of the lack of news about real breakthroughs from the Boring Company, even connecting a gamepad to a huge mechanism and the opportunity to "plunge into childhood" are worth something. And if they are also allowed to dig at least a dozen meters of a real tunnel, there will definitely be no end to the "grown-up children". Here's a profit.

Best video game ever

- The Boring Company (@boringcompany) September 8, 2018