Experts debunk the Chinese laser rifle myth

Rumors about the creation of small arms laser weapons in the Celestial Empire will not have to be refuted, because with the existing level of technology, it is simply impossible to create them. This is the position of an expert invited by Styropyro to comment on the news that appeared a few days ago. Key point: Building a portable laser is much more difficult than building an entire laboratory.

The first controversial point: what is the wavelength of this laser? The leaks tell of a miracle radiation that passes through glass and ignites clothing and burns human skin. However, these are materials with very different properties, and if with the help of a simple infrared laser we can really set fire to the sulfur head of a match, then it will not do anything to human flesh. At best, such a beam will blind a person, which is expressly prohibited by the Geneva Convention on the Use of Laser Weapons.

Further, using the Stefan-Boltzmann law, it is relatively easy to calculate the power required to set fire to a soldier's clothes at a distance - a little more than 640 watts. But where to get so much energy if we are talking about a compact rifle weighing 3-4 kg? A shoulder pack with batteries for a couple of shots? What's even stranger is the rumor of the laser rifle's ability to ignite gasoline or other fuel from afar. Just watch the video:

However, one cannot completely exclude the appearance of super-powerful and at the same time compact batteries, which will provide the desired result. But who, then, would care about a laser rifle if the batteries themselves are the greatest breakthrough since the invention of the wheel? Alas, even the advanced battle lasers of the world's armies still look like barns on wheels, so the desired level of miniaturization is very, very far away.