New Generation US Army Plastic Helmet Will Weigh Less Than 1.5kg

The developers of a new plastic helmet for the US Army from the Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center promised to make it extremely light - 1.5 kg lighter, like during the Second World War. This will reduce the stress on the neck muscles and reliably protect the head from bullets and shrapnel.

The helmet was named ASN II (Advanced Combat Helmet Generation II). It is almost a quarter lighter than the ASN helmet currently in service. ACH II is capable of withstanding 9mm bullets, shrapnel and improvised explosive devices.

At the beginning of World War II, the famous M-1 “steel pot” protective helmet was developed for the US Army. It was made of steel with a leather inner strap and later "fought back" two more wars - in Korea and Vietnam. M-1 protected from dirt, debris, ricochet, light fragments, and weighed 1.4 kg.

In the early 80s, in connection with the emergence of new, more powerful means of destruction, it was necessary to significantly strengthen the helmets at the expense of Kevlar fibers, capable of withstanding pistol bullets and larger fragments. This immediately led to their weighting up to almost 2 kg and a corresponding rise in price. In 2003, an improved, lighter helmet weighing 1.7 kg entered the army.

ASN II is even lighter - less than 1.5 kg. This was achieved by replacing Kevlar with a special plastic - ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene UHMWPE. It is a semi-crystalline polymer that is widely used in the manufacture of various plastic products. It is characterized by high strength, wear resistance and low weight.

US Army Rangers wearing M-1 helmets before landing in Normandy