Three signs that Google is going to the dark side

The expression “Don’t be evil” was a cornerstone in the Google Code of Conduct from 2000 to 2018. The Gizmodo website reports that in the last days of April it finally left the document and remained only in the form of a symbolic phrase in the last paragraph. Google now wants to use its increased power for not always attractive, but profitable ventures.

Maven Project

Google has entered into an agreement with the Pentagon, according to which it helps the army create AI for drones, and not just the military, but the drone. According to some reports - attack aircraft, which are fighting in the front ranks, and therefore must effectively hit manpower. That is, to kill people. When the truth was revealed, thousands of company employees signed a petition against the partnership, but it was reportedly ignored. Work on the Maven project continues.

Deceiving Artificial Intelligence

The recently introduced Duplex Google Assistant can make calls on behalf of a user and very convincingly impersonate him, using this to order services. Critics immediately found many signs of the staged nature of the presentation of the project and doubted the effectiveness of the technology. But here's what is remarkable - the very fact that AI impersonates a person, by default masking its actions, is taken for granted by Google. The company's management, under pressure from journalists, had to promise that the AI ​​would be forced to identify itself as a machine at the beginning of the dialogue. Time will tell if she will keep that promise.

Selfish Book

Recently, there was a leak about The Selfish Ledger, a video collection system for company employees that was designed to analyze their personality traits and behavior. Google did not deny - yes, we did this in 2016. And they subsequently applied social engineering techniques, as well as speculative design, to "optimize" work processes. Simply put, they manipulated people. And it is not a fact that that experience did not form the basis of some more global systems for controlling the audience.

Of course, Google is in no hurry to try on the Dark Lord's helmet yet. And they do many kind and peaceful projects, from charity to organizing competitions and platforms for identifying talent. It remains only to believe that as the volume and power of the corporation grows, its "conscience" and social responsibility will grow proportionally, and will not remain at the current level.