Chameleon clothes will change color at the command of a smartphone

A research team from the College of Optics and Photonics of the University of Central Florida (USF) has developed a unique "smart" HyperColor fabric that changes color like a chameleon.

Unlike the already existing luminous clothing with built-in LEDs, the fibers themselves generate the brightness in the new fabric. Each strand is wrapped around ultra-thin pieces of metal. A change in the magnitude of the electric current flowing through them leads to a decrease or increase in the temperature of the tissue. Special pigments inside the threads react to temperature fluctuations, changing the color of the fabric. The whole process can be controlled using a smartphone.

Chameleon fabric is at an early stage of development and has a number of limitations. In particular, the color gamut is currently limited to 4 colors. Although the fabric can be washed and ironed, it is still quite rough, like "jeans". The USF team is actively working with textile fiber manufacturers to address these shortcomings.

Currently, the developers are negotiating with potential partners to organize the industrial production of chameleon fabric and bring it to the market within the next few years.