Copenhagen's new power plant will be part of the ski resort

The new power plant in Copenhagen, launched in March 2017, operates entirely by burning municipal solid waste. However, this is far from its most important feature. She gained her fame largely thanks to the Italian photographer Aldo Amoretti, the author of a photo project dedicated to the latest architectural landmarks of the cities of Northern Europe.

The fact is that this power plant, in addition to its main function - waste incineration and electricity generation - has also become an integral part of the picturesque urban landscape of Copenhagen, which is rightfully considered one of the most habitable cities in the world.

The power plant is surrounded by a park with an area of ​​16, 000 sq. meters. Its creation is about to be completed. The park will have walking paths, fitness stations, a climbing wall and a ski slope over 500 meters long. An observation deck will be installed at the top of the power plant, from where visitors to the park can enjoy amazing views of the Danish capital.

According to experts, up to 57, 000 people will be able to use the ski slope alone annually. Other recreation areas adjoin it - a wakeboarding rope park and football fields.