The world's first floating nuclear power plant went to work in the Russian North

While journalists are exercising their wit, calling the ship "Akademik Lomonosov" either "nuclear Titanic" or "sea Chernobyl", American experts say with displeasure that the United States will not be able to build anything like this for another 20 years. In fact, the race to create compact nuclear power plants today unfolded only between Russia and China, but the domestic project indirectly benefits from its mobility.

Academician Lomonosov is a non-self-propelled platform with a full-fledged nuclear power plant on board, which, in addition to electricity, can generate heat and be used for water desalination. In this capacity, it will be extremely in demand on the far Arctic borders of Russia, where the supply of fuel for traditional thermal power plants is associated with colossal costs and risks. It is planned that the first place of operation of the floating nuclear power plant will be the city of Pevek in the north-east of the country.

Rosatom admits that the pilot project almost became a disaster and cost the company much more than expected, but this is not surprising. Another thing is more important - "Akademik Lomonosov" is now not going into the unknown, but to the already prepared infrastructure facilities for receiving the energy generated by the nuclear power plant. And such “berths for nuclear power plants” are now being created throughout the Russian North, so that floating energy sources can be promptly delivered to where there is a need for them.

While Western countries are fighting the green energy lobby and trying to find a compromise between the desire to get rid of fossil fuel power plants and the lack of cheap energy, Russia and China have relied on the peaceful atom. In the Celestial Empire, projects of low-power and inexpensive nuclear power plants have been developed and are being implemented, which can be built in parallel with the closure of old dirty thermal power plants. Russia has a different task - the need is ripe for the re-development of vast territories and the extraction of resources, for which mobile nuclear power plants of high power are needed.