The US Army uses virtual versions of real cities to train soldiers

Since 2012, the US Army has been widely using virtual reality simulators that simulate the places of possible hostilities. After completing a training course on such a simulator, soldiers in real combat will confidently navigate a specific terrain, although they have never been there before.

In a recent interview with New Scientist, several US Army engineers reported that virtual versions of North and South Korea, San Francisco, New York and Las Vegas have already been created. Thanks to this, it is now possible to select and configure a specific region for a virtual training within a few days.

However, the experts do not quite understand such a choice. Previously, for example, training used virtual "pictures" of some mountainous regions of Afghanistan, where the US army is still fighting the Taliban and other Islamist groups. A diverse training environment and a wider and more dynamic range of training scenarios will help soldiers feel more confident in a real combat environment.