The North Star project sets a new path for the development of augmented reality

Leap Motion has unveiled ambitious plans for a new North Star augmented reality platform on which nearly all future applications will be based. The reason is in a favorable combination of low cost and high performance, which will allow the "North Star" to become a mass product.

A working - and pretty good - prototype already exists. The device claims to cost around $ 100, and while it will certainly go up when a commercial version of the headset appears, it still doesn't compare to the $ 3, 000 Microsoft HoloLens. Even taking into account the fact that a relatively powerful computer is still needed to maintain an augmented reality system.

The main disadvantage of the headset at this stage is its dimensions, these are not comfortable glasses, but a whole helmet. It features a pair of 3.5-inch LCD displays with a resolution of 1600 × 1400 pixels, which provide the user with an overview of 95 degrees vertically and 70 degrees horizontally. A very good indicator by today's standards, as well as a hand controller on a hemisphere of 180 degrees in front of the user.

In the demonstration videos, you can see the unprecedented accuracy of human interaction with virtual objects in augmented reality. For example, we press a button on the keyboard with our finger instead of hitting the large lever with our palm. The North Star is actively blurring the line between the real and the digital world and could indeed be a disruptive technology. Provided that Leap Motion finds investors who do not want to simply take over the startup without a trace. But even so, the direction of the industry has already been set.