Silicon anode batteries can store up to 20% more energy

It is possible that in the near future lithium batteries will become more powerful, cheaper, more compact, and it will take less time to charge them. Sila Nanotechnologies is developing new silicon anode batteries that replace traditional graphite with precisely positioned silicon particles.

The author of the project is the CEO of the company Gene (Eugene) Berdichevsky, one of the first Tesla employees. Details on the new power supplies have not yet been reported. Sila Nanotechnologies representatives said only that the energy density in these batteries will be 20% higher than in the current models.

This will be achieved by replacing graphite with silicon, which will provide a higher energy density at the nanoscale with lower attenuation. This will reduce the size of the power supply itself. So, for example, a Tesla Model S electric car can travel 540 km on its battery, and on a new one of the same size - already 646 km.