Giesswein has developed a sneaker in merino wool

The Austrian company Giesswein has just unveiled the world's first line of Wool Cross X sports shoes made entirely of merino wool.

It has a number of advantages: it is warm in winter and cool in summer, it absorbs 5 times more sweat than ordinary shoes, it blocks unpleasant odors and can be worn without socks.

The Wool Cross X is designed for hiking in summer and winter and is even suitable for rock climbing. It absorbs up to 125 ml of sweat without emitting the unpleasant odor that is typical in such cases, neither the inner lining nor the antibacterial insole.

The Wool Cross X is now available in various sizes on Kickstarter in multiple color options starting at $ 137. The promotion campaign is going well - the start of deliveries is already scheduled for November this year.