The Boring Company announced the construction of a real tunnel in Los Angeles

While Hyperloop remains a dream, The Boring Company decided to gain experience on less ambitious and much more realistic projects. The company has officially proposed to Los Angeles City Hall to build a test tunnel for high-speed electric transport, a cross between the subway and the Hyperloop system. The most problematic route for the city was chosen - to the Dodger stadium.

The Boring Company engineers designed what was tentatively called the "Dugout loop". This is a small one-way tunnel that starts at Sunset MRT station, has two branch tunnels to Santa Monica and Beverly stations, and ends at the Dodger Stadium car park. The total distance is 5, 8 km, which would be much easier to cover by car, but only in recent decades, Los Angeles practically does not get out of traffic jams. And the stadium is a popular public place where people need to be constantly transported.

Transport capsule concept

They will be transported through the tunnel by automatic capsules with a capacity of 8-16 people, which move at speeds of 200-240 km / h. The power plant is electric, copied from the Tesla Model X. One way trip takes 4 minutes, the capsule moves back empty, which raises a number of questions. On the day of an important event at the stadium, the system will be able to transport 1400 people, in the future up to 2800, which gives 250 thousand a year. There is not a word about the cost of the ticket yet.

The project was presented to the mayor's office, received approval and will be put forward for public hearings on August 28. The mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garketti, with whom Elon Musk has repeatedly held personal talks, wrote on this occasion on his Twitter: "It is great to see how innovative projects are helping to relieve traffic in the city and make important destinations more accessible to all residents."

The Boring Company tunneling machine