Vollebak launches graphene jacket on sale

Vollebak has announced the imminent release of the most unusual clothing in the world - the "graphene jacket". This business structure specializes in innovative and provocative hi-tech accessories and technologies for streetwear. But in the case of the graphene jacket, they themselves admit that they are at some dead end.

First, the graphene content in the future product is extremely small, the jacket is not made from some kind of graphene fiber unknown to science, but will simply receive a thin carbon sputtering. Nanometers thick, as befits an advanced material that will retain all its wonderful properties: superconductivity, super strength, super resistance to aggressive media, etc. Secondly, how much they will be transferred to the jacket itself - even the manufacturer himself does not know. And carefully promises nothing.

Vollebak proposes to consider a novelty as a convenient way to join the world of progress and high technologies, to literally throw on the shoulders of the achievements of advanced science. Perhaps this is even a chance to go down in history, especially if the jackets are released in a limited edition and someone buys them. The waiting lists are already open, but the price of the graphene jacket is still unknown.