Sufferfest launches sports beer for athletes

For those who cannot enjoy sports exercises just like that, without motivation, there is a pleasant incentive - a mug of ice cold beer after training. However, the Sufferfest Beer Company assures that this is in the past, and they are ready to go further. They have developed a beer that can successfully replace sports drinks.

The FKT Pale Ale range has recently expanded to the brewery's portfolio, which specializes in brewing beers for different “subcultures”. For example, here they brew gluten-free beer for lovers of this diet and simply low-calorie beer for those who do not want to get fat. There is beer with bee pollen and mineral chips for exotic lovers and much more. Now here comes FKT Pale Ale - a sports beer.

At its core, it is pale ale, a light top-fermented beverage with many components that are beneficial for physical activity. In particular, up to 96 milligrams of sodium per can of beer, to combat cell dehydration and cramps during long running and jumping. In this, the beer mimics the properties of sports drinks to balance electrolytes in the body.

The main thing in this beer is its taste, formed by a combination of a large dose of orange juice and black currant. According to the authors of FKT Pale Ale, this craft fruit-sports pale ale is much more pleasant to drink than harsh and tasteless professional blends.