Lego switches to eco-friendly sugarcane plastic

Lego launched its Recyclable Materials Center two years ago with an investment of $ 165 million. An ambitious accomplishment is required of its employees - by 2030, the toy manufacturer wants to completely switch to the use of environmentally friendly materials. And to do this not to the detriment of yourself and consumers, of course.

Apparently, the efforts of the Center's engineers were not in vain, because the other day Lego announced the release of a trial batch of products from a completely new plastic. It is a solid modification of polyethylene derived from ethanol, which is sourced from sugar cane products. Material that does not require mining, oil refineries and environmental pollution.

Plus, the new plastic is easy to recycle into new toys - Lego is almost the exact opposite of old plastic. The company says that neither the strength, nor the durability, nor even the appearance of the new plastic products will differ from the old ones. Polyethylene is polyethylene, parents may be afraid, unless, as before, step on the cube with their bare feet.

A trial batch of toys made from new plastic will account for 1-2% of the annual production of Lego products. To promote it on the market, designers have designed "green sets" that mimic the vegetation of different regions. They will go on sale this year.