YAMAHA's artificial intelligence turns dance into live music

Artificial intelligence is conquering new territories, and music has become its next "springboard". One of the world leaders in the production of musical instruments, YAMAHA has introduced a new version of AI that transforms the movements of the famous dancer Kaiji Moriyama into piano sounds, which was demonstrated at a concert in Tokyo. The dancer literally "soloed" with his body, accompanied by the Berlin Symphony Orchestra.

The system, developed by YAMAHA engineers, clearly showed that the music performed by the dancer is not at all a formless cacophony, but a work full of meaning. To make it sound, Moriyama attached four types of sensors to his back, wrists and legs. In response to the dancer's movements, the AI ​​instantly "composes" melodies based on a database of MIDI music, which are immediately transmitted to the Yamaha Disklavier electronic piano, where they are embodied in sounds.

During the performance, the music changes depending on how balanced and harmonious the body movements are. And the more accurately it is tuned to AI, the more expressive the piano passages sound.