New Climatecoins will be the first environmentally friendly cryptocurrency in the world

According to the agency PowerCompare, if the "Bitcoin Empire" were a separate state, then it would be in 61st place in the world in terms of electricity consumption. A gigantic amount of megawatts is spent on maintaining virtual values, but this energy is generated at real nuclear power plants, hydroelectric power plants, thermal power plants, etc. The existence of bitcoin, and other purely virtual cryptocurrencies, causes colossal harm to the planet's ecology, and does not bring any benefit.

The concept of "climatcoins" was developed with the opposite goal - to put into circulation a cryptocurrency that will have real value and, in addition, benefit the environment. The already familiar blockchain technologies and the system of "carbon credits", which are used after the signing of the Kyoto Protocol, are taken as a basis. Each token of the new cryptocurrency is tied to a real carbon credit, for example, at the rate of 1000 kg of emissions per 1 climatcoin.

Carbon credits are now relatively freely traded on special exchanges - organizations with advanced emission cleaning technologies can sell their credits and receive real money. They are embarking on, among other things, the development of new "green technologies" in order to use them to even more actively conduct speculation in carbon credits. In fact, ordinary commerce, experienced players may not produce anything at all, only trade in credits. But the by-product is the reduction of air emissions in general.

Climatecoins are needed to make manipulating carbon credits easier, more convenient, and more transparent. Reduce the catastrophic volatility of this market, bring the fraudsters to the surface, attract the attention of those players who are used to acting only in the digital environment and do not want to conclude any agreements on the exchange. But, most importantly, if climatcoin becomes the leading cryptocurrency in the world, then dependent on electricity generation and therefore a priori harmful other "coins" will no longer be needed.