Plantagon skyscraper greenhouse will feed 5,000 people a year

The World Food Building project has already been completed by more than half - in 2012, the Swedish company Plantagon began construction of a new type of city building in Linköping. It is planned to be commissioned in 2020 and it will become the first house-garden of the XXI century, which has a purely practical purpose. Food is grown here.

The idea is simple - to build a vertical complex of greenhouses with vegetables and berries in the middle of a big city to feed the townspeople. The question is implementation - the Swedes from Plantagon have developed a completed and approved by the authorities project worth $ 40 million. Not too much, taking into account real estate prices, plus this building will be able to generate fresh food for tens of years for 5, 000 people a year - this is the population of an entire residential area.

A skyscraper garden (plantscraper), as it is called, looks like a high-rise building, the floors of which are completely filled with greenhouses. Everything works in hydroponics and is controlled by automatic equipment, the beds with plants are isolated from the polluted urban environment. But at the same time, they are actually within walking distance from consumers - if you put one green skyscraper in each district, the logistics costs for the supply of fresh products will be minimized.

Food for 5, 000 people a year is calculated parameters, but the reality can differ, both for the better and for the worse. The building needs significant amounts of electricity and water, which will put a strain on the city's infrastructure. However, vegetables can be grown at a flexible pace, responsive to demand.