China's new police station will not have people, only artificial intelligence

The Chinese authorities have promised to soon open a transport police department in the busy metropolis of Wuhan, in which only one robot will work. And that is not a robocop, but just a robotic system for checking and issuing documents. It is based on a special artificial intelligence that almost instantly identifies visitors, which will eliminate queues. This is in theory.

Police AI will be able to work 24/7 and it is devoid of the risk of "human factor". Only strict algorithms, in accordance with the procedures established by the regulations, will not bribe or deceive him. Down with bureaucracy - speeding up all procedures should help Chinese drivers optimize their business and increase their earnings.

China strives to seize the undisputed leadership in integrating AI into all spheres of life by 2030 and is therefore reluctant to discuss the risks of such a rush. According to scientists from Oxford, by 2025, 7% of jobs in the United States will be occupied by robots, and by 2040, their share will already be 47%. In China, the volumes of simple industries that can be robotized quickly and profitably are much higher - in the event of mass unemployment, social upheavals cannot be avoided.