Dutch startup starts building outdoor furniture from recycled waste

Statistically, one resident of Amsterdam generates 23 kg of plastic waste per year. If you take garbage from three, then you can recycle it and make a large universal park bench using 3D printing. And this is just the beginning, the creators of the project "The New Raw" assure.

The idea is very simple - do not dispose of the ubiquitous plastic waste, but immediately grind them into large granules, so that then by extrusion to print everything that is needed for urban infrastructure. Benches, fences, borders, pillars, flowerpots for flower beds, decorative and functional elements. If you do not skimp and spend 50 kg of plastic for one product, it will come out no less durable than wood.

The prototype bench is 150 cm long and 80 cm wide and can support the weight of four people. Here it is, the zest of the idea: not just to recycle plastic, but to create a short recirculation loop that can be fully realized in one city. In order not to carry garbage (aka raw materials) back and forth.

The prospects for garbage-printed products for the city are huge, from decorating parks to modular renovation of infrastructure facilities. In fact, the Dutch seriously believe that a large-format 3D printer will become the new artist's brush and people will be able to create what is difficult to imagine today. The material is actually free - rubbish!