Virtuali-Tee augmented reality allows you to look inside your own body

Most people have rudimentary knowledge of their own anatomy, but they are not at all averse to finding out what they have inside. Especially if everything goes without cuts and blood, in a game format. This idea is being implemented by the Virtuali-Tee startup using augmented and virtual reality technologies.

To "look inside", you need two things - a branded T-shirt Virtuali-Tee and the Curiscope application developed by the company. QR-marks are applied to the clothes, which will be located opposite the internal organs of a person, if the shirt is selected in size. The system is passive, in reality it does not measure anything, but only simulates penetration into the human body.

If you point your smartphone's camera at the marks on the shirt, the application will draw instead of them an average image of internal organs on the gadget's screen. Augmented reality allows you to see the beating heart, lungs while working, etc. Everything looks like impersonal pictures from a children's atlas, the analogue of which this product is. It is intended for the entertainment and education of schoolchildren, but not for serious tasks.

Since the days of the passion for Pokemon Go, developers of virtual and augmented reality have realized that success awaits those who release a massive and obviously frivolous, but exciting product. Complex systems with realistic graphics and accurate data transfer are not as in demand as the simplest, but at the same time exciting toys. Although, of course, their time will come when people will get used to augmented reality so much that they will begin to take its potential seriously.