LignoLoc wooden nails - new opportunities for sustainable construction

The resources of our Earth are limited, so the industry of the future will develop without alternative under the motto “total recycling of old things”. To do this, it is better to immediately make them entirely from one material - you cannot start a wooden product under the saw without removing metal nails from it. But how much easier will it be to live if they are made of wood?

The Beck Fastener Group has developed a technology for the manufacture and use of pressed wood fasteners. These are LignoLoc nails with a diameter of 3, 7 mm and a length of 50-65 mm, which are not inferior in strength to their aluminum counterparts. They are not slaughtered, but driven into wooden structures with a pneumatic gun under a pressure of about 7 bar. In this case, the effect of "friction welding" occurs - all wooden parts are sintered into a single whole at the point where the nail is located.

Wooden nails do not rust, do not stain the material in a different color, do not conduct heat, which is beneficial for the construction of saunas. Environmentally friendly, harmless material - pressed waste of beech wood processing with the addition of resins is used. Plus, they are almost invisible at the installation site after the final processing of the product, and when dismantled, everything is cut together.

There are exactly two drawbacks to wooden nails: their strength is lower than steel ones, and they are not compatible with some carpentry tools. This means that the novelty will not replace the steel nail, but will only occupy its own niche - when creating furniture, decorative coatings, interior decoration of buildings, etc.