IKEA's home bio farm will grow greens three times faster than a conventional greenhouse

The IKEA group of companies (Netherlands), known as one of the world's largest retail chains selling furniture and household goods, has shown itself as an investor in modern "green" technologies.

The IKEA Space10 innovation laboratory has developed a prototype of a closed-type hydroponic mini-farm Lokal for growing herbs and herbs using an accelerated technology.

Fast growth is provided by LEDs, and the plants themselves are arranged in several tiers. According to the developers, in Lokal, greens grow about 3 times faster with 90% less water consumption than in a regular garden.

The research team is now experimenting with a system of sensors integrated into trays with plants, which will allow monitoring plant growth from a smartphone via the Google Home app. Scientists hope that their idea of ​​using machine learning to analyze the data obtained will be in demand by other amateur gardeners.

The Lokal project is at an early stage of implementation, so there is no talk of mass production of mini-farms yet. However, the prospects of the project are obvious: technologies of multi-tiered agriculture can find their application even in the conditions of an ordinary city apartment.