Smart vests will turn stray dogs into street guardians

Advertising agency Cheil, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics in Bangkok, has developed a concept to transform the city's stray dogs into a useful infrastructure. The animals will be put on special vests with video cameras and sensors to monitor the situation on the streets. This is done primarily in the interests of the dogs themselves - people should begin to see them as useful creatures.

Since 2014, Thailand has had a harsh law, according to which cruelty to animals is punishable by measures ranging from a fine of $ 1, 200 to imprisonment for 2 years. And all the same, the unfortunate stray animals in the city back streets are beaten for nothing - the Thais consider them parasites and do not favor them. Cheil's initiative, backed by local animal rights activists, is designed to make a difference.

Vests that want to be worn on dogs have a camera with night vision, motion sensors, a communication system and acoustic sensors. It is assumed that the entire system turns on when the animal begins to bark, sensing a real danger. For example, at the sight of armed people, scenes of violence, a flaring fire, etc. Cameras will capture what is happening, real-time data will be sent to the police officer on duty - the dogs that prowl the secluded corners of Bangkok will turn into guardians of its streets.

The Thai streets are home to a huge number of stray animals, and if smart vests for dogs are cheap and convenient, such a signaling system really makes sense. The prototype completed five months of tests, but it will take a long time before full-scale tests in an urban environment.