New artificial intelligence recognizes any emotion through a simple video camera

A direct question to a person does not always lead to a truthful answer, because all people are inclined to dissemble. And the producers of media content would like to know which plot twist or scene in the series was especially liked by the viewer. And they are willing to pay so much for a system for recognizing true emotions that the offer was not long in coming - Silver Logic Labs developed a specialized AI for this.

Algorithms for recognizing emotions based on human facial expressions have significant commercial value and are kept secret. Silver Logic Labs claims to have perfected the technology - they only need a digital camera with a high enough resolution to work. It scans the small movements of the facial muscles with a frequency of several times per second, which allows not only to recognize the momentary emotion, but also to follow the change in the viewer's mood over time.

Curiously, the hardware requirements for this emotion recognition system are very modest. For example, she can work with body-worn police cameras, which will allow you to quickly answer - is the suspect bluffing when he says he is unarmed? And if you adapt it for a video surveillance system in a hospital or nursing home, you can predict the onset of an attack in a patient, when the person is still making involuntary grimaces from mild pain.

By applying technology to crowd-monitoring cameras, it will be possible to try to calculate a suicide, a suicide bomber with a bomb, or a drug addict under the influence of substances. The teacher will understand how the students perceive the lesson, the deputy will read the thoughts of the voters, the lovers will sort out their feelings, and the diplomats will receive a formidable weapon for negotiations. By the way, this is by no means a fantasy - the developers report that the system almost accurately recognizes people under the influence of drugs.