A unique forest city to be built in China

Italian architect Stefano Boeri is known as the creator of the concept of the so-called "vertical forest", which he has already implemented in Switzerland and Milan. He is implementing his next and more ambitious project called "City-Forest" in China in the city district of Liuzhou.

It is well known that many Chinese metropolises are at the top of the list of the most polluted cities in the world. The forest city pilot project was commissioned by the city planning department of Liuzhou City Hall.

In accordance with the project, all the necessary urban infrastructure will be created here - residential buildings, offices, hospitals and schools. The sources of energy will be geothermal sources and solar panels, which will be installed on the roof of each building.

The city will literally be buried in trees that will grow not only in parks and squares, but also on the facades and roofs of buildings. It is planned to plant up to 40, 000 trees and almost a million different plants of over 100 species. According to experts, this huge green biomass will annually absorb about 10, 000 tons of CO2, up to 55 tons of pollutants, while releasing 850 tons of oxygen.

The forest city will be built north of Liuzhou, which is home to about 1.5 million people. The connection between them will be provided by a railway line and a highway, along which electric cars will run. The construction of the city with a population of 30, 000 will be completed by 2020.