Charging station will give SkyX drones potentially unlimited flight range

In order for drones to become commercially useful machines, they need a special infrastructure. First of all - docking stations for recharging still skinny batteries. SkyX has tested an autonomous device that greatly increases both the area of ​​use of the UAV and its service life before repair.

xStation was created for deserts, tundra, steppes and even lonely islands in the endless ocean, in a word, those places where service teams rarely visit. This is a ground docking station, made on the principle of a hangar with a drop-down roof. The drones of the SkyOne family, with vertical landing and horizontal flight, land inward and the lid closes - the weatherproof machine quietly replenishes its energy reserves.

SkyX charging station and drones

The maximum flight range of SkyOne on a single battery charge does not exceed 100 km, which in reality means 50 km, because it still needs to go back, and not fall as a dead weight in the distance. By placing the xStation at an even distance, such as along a gas pipeline or railroad, drones can perform long patrol flights without depending on power consumption. Automation will always tell you where to find the nearest docking station, and the rest is a matter of technology.

The closing flaps should protect the drone from the bad weather.

Testing of the joint work of xStation and commercial SkyOne models was successful, the manufacturer intends to start selling them in July this year. The cost will depend on the specific requirements of the customer.