Oregon will build a completely wooden skyscraper

They want to build the first multi-storey high-rise residential building in the history of the United States, made entirely of wood, with a prosaic purpose. The building called "Framework" will be another useful landmark and at the same time will "reset" the local woodworking industry. If one such reliable structure has been built, why not build others as well?

Project developers hint at a new revolution in timber construction, while officials are calculating potential tax benefits and jobs. The project is necessary, the project is important, socially significant - financial structures Albina Community Bank and Beneficial State Bank have already announced their support for the initiative, which will place representative offices in the future wooden house.

In the 21st century, it is no longer possible to build wooden mansions in the image of ancestors, with an ax and honest labor, so the latest technologies are used, such as cross-laminated timber. The wood is folded and glued in 4 layers, after which it is dried under pressure in a huge press. The resulting "sandwich" was happily given to be torn apart by firefighters and engineers.

The first were satisfied with the fact that this material does not burn very well, within the framework of the current fire regulations. The latter were applied to the panels with loads of hundreds of tons to make sure that they would withstand not only typical operation, but also a minor earthquake. Plus, this material is lighter and more convenient to process than a solid bar or board - the regulatory authorities gave the go-ahead for the construction of a wooden skyscraper.

The building is planned to be built in the fast-growing area of ​​Pearl Portland, and it will be commissioned in a year. In addition to offices, they want to equip rental housing for those who are not alien to progress.