Released a special series of Swiss knives made from old coffee capsules

The capsule coffee offered by Nespresso (a division of Nestlé) has one major drawback not related to its taste - the sheer number of capsules used. Despite the company's many years of efforts to dispose of waste, some of the capsules still end up in landfills. To combat this uneconomical waste of resources, it was decided to use waste materials for the production of Swiss army knives.

Nespresso will tackle the waste problem in partnership with waste disposal company TerraCycle, which will help cover user costs for collecting and transporting used capsules to a recycling center. The new recycling scheme already kicked off last month in the UK. So far, we are talking only about the processing of aluminum foil capsules.

The third participant in the project is Victorinox, a manufacturer of world-renowned Swiss army knives. For their manufacture, it was decided to use metals recovered from capsules. The first experience was successful. Each knife "absorbed" 24 used aluminum capsules.

A few words about the "coffee" knife itself. It consists of a main blade, a can opener, two screwdrivers, a bottle opener, a corkscrew, and an awl. It can be purchased from Victorinox for $ 48.