Silk Implant Designed for Eardrum Reconstruction

The human ear is a very complex and extremely fragile mechanism, prone to many diseases, often leading to complete or partial deafness. A group of Australian researchers has developed the ClearDrum silk implant, which can be used to repair the eardrum in just one operation.

At the moment, the "repair" of the tympanic membrane is a series of delicate, complex operations. So for the manufacture of shunts, the patient's tissue is used, which is then attached to the sensitive membrane.

A contact lens-sized ClearDrum silk transparent implant is installed in just one operation. It is fully compatible with the body and even promotes the regeneration of the patient's cells on top of it. At the same time, the quality of sound perception becomes even better than with a "native" membrane.

ClearDrum patient trials are due in 2018. For its creation, the developers received a grant of $ 3 million, which will help bring the product to market.