Belgian scientists have learned how to get energy from polluted air

It sounds too good to be true, but the fact remains: a group of Belgian scientists from the Universities of Antwerp and Leuven have managed to create a device that generates energy and purifies the air at the same time.

The device uses catalysts that destroy polluted city air, from which hydrogen is then released - an environmentally friendly fuel. All the device needs to work is sunlight.

The technology is based on protoelectrochemical cells, which, using catalysts, produce hydrogen from polluted air. Thus, scientists have solved two technological problems: the need for clean air and the development of alternative energy production technology.

According to the head of research, Dr. Verbruggen, in the past, such cells were used to extract hydrogen from water, but scientists have gone further by mastering the processing of smog. The underlying technology replicates how solar panels work. The difference is that electricity is not created directly: the air is purified, and the resulting energy is stored as hydrogen.

So far, the effect obtained is measured on a laboratory scale - within a few square centimeters, but in the future the Belgians hope to bring their technology to an industrial level.