Skyscraper concept inside a giant sequoia

Making a building a part of nature is the cherished dream of many architects and designers. In this sense, a group of South Korean architects consisting of Jin Hie Wook, Chong Chang Won, Cho Kiu Hiung and Sang Wong Choi can be congratulated on their great success. They have developed a project for a skyscraper, located ... inside the hollow trunk of a giant sequoia.

The design of the building was named Tribute - "Tribute". In fact, the authors of the project do not at all suggest destroying sequoias, the most unique representatives of the plant world, for the sake of their fantasies. Rather, it is a creative experiment in the 2017 eVolo competition, where architects and designers from many countries presented their vision of high-rise buildings for the cities of the future.

The main idea of ​​the project is to smoothly integrate the architecture into the hollow of the trunk, while destroying the pristine landscape, of which the giant sequoias are a part. The living core in the form of a building is a kind of artificial organ that will replace the trunk that has decayed from time to time.

The outer shell will be formed by a reticular structure, on top of which there will be a living crust, which continues to grow, with a thickness of half a meter. Inside the shaft, the territory will be divided into several zones, which will house classrooms, laboratories, exhibitions and observation decks.

Naturally, human intervention negatively affects the tree. For example, the famous sequoia Pioneer Cabin Tree from California State Park, which is also called a tunnel tree, can destroy a hole in the base: the tree may simply not resist gusts of hurricane winds. According to the architects, a skyscraper inside the sequoia will prevent its fall.