A technology for the production of "Martian" bricks without baking has been developed

Apparently, the Martian colonists will have to make a significant part of the building materials from "local" raw materials, in particular, from soil. However, the "terrestrial" technology of brick production, as you know, involves the heat treatment of semi-finished products, which is very problematic in the conditions of the Red Planet.

It became known that NASA is funding research by scientists at the University of California at San Diego, led by Professor Yu Qiao, to develop technology for the production of bricks without heat treatment. Initially, an attempt was made to mix the rock, similar in composition to the Martian, with binder polymers.

In the course of research, it became clear that the use of polymers is optional. The rock was placed in a flexible rubber tube and pressure was created inside it, equivalent to the fall of 4.5 kg of a hammer from a height of 1 meter. As a result, dense round briquettes were formed, which were then cut into bricks. The strength of the resulting bricks surpassed reinforced concrete in strength.

According to scientists, the secret of strength lies in the tiny particles of iron oxide that cover the larger particles of basalt. When they are pressed tightly against each other under the influence of pressure, a bond forms between them, creating a rigid brick structure.

Brick is just one of the building material options. It is not excluded that the first Martian colonists will build their homes by 3D printing using "ink" on the basis of the same Martian soil.