UAVs air traffic control system will be tested in Russia

If companies that provide services using drones begin to satisfy at least half of all those who need their services, one day we will not be able to go out without seeing a few drones overhead. The rapid development of unmanned aerial vehicles dictates the need to create a control system for their flights.

Testing of such a system will take place in Russia this year. It will be based on the ground infrastructure created by the engineers of the Russian Space Systems company, a member of ROSCOSMOS.

Thanks to the system, the massive safe use of thousands of UAVs in airspace will be possible. According to its developers, the created ground infrastructure will record the parameters of drones, automatically lay safe routes, process the information received and broadcast it among users using cellular, satellite communications and VHF transmitters.

As conceived by the developers, the control system will significantly reduce the risks for UAV owners, and in the near future will create the basis for the formation of the drone insurance industry.

A similar project has been under development in the United States for several years with the participation of NASA.