Mind-reading device taught to guess the intended number

Scientists have made encouraging advances in direct communication between the brain and the computer. Recently, they have been able to use their brains to control a quadcopter, a wheelchair and play video games. Now researchers at Japan's Toyohashi University have reached new horizons with technology that can recognize single words and even guess numbers with up to 90% accuracy.

The technology scans brain waves using an EEG cap. It is a set of electrodes that record electrical signals from the brain.

The main problem with previous developments was the limited amount of data they could collect. A new approach to signal interpretation based on machine learning and holistic pattern recognition has resulted in much higher performance.

Now the system can cope with the recognition of the hidden number from 0 to 9. The accuracy is impressive 90%. What's more, the machine can guess even Japanese words from a small list with 61 percent accuracy.

Japanese scientists hope that one day their achievement will allow people with speech problems to speak. And perhaps it will become the basis for new revolutionary interfaces of interaction between humans and computers.