Chemists from Finland offered to "melt" old clothes

If, for example, with the disposal of plastic, paper waste, wood waste and scrap metal, everything is more or less clear (there are proven technologies), then old clothes, as a rule, end up in a landfill. The thing is that most modern fabrics are a combination of cotton-polyester materials, which are quite difficult to process.

A way out was found by chemists from Aalto University (Finland), who proposed ... to "melt" old clothes in an ionic liquid, in the so-called liquid salt.

It was previously used to dissolve cellulose from waste wood pulp, which was then used to make fibers for environmentally friendly clothing. This time, the ionic liquid allowed scientists to "melt" cotton in cotton-polyester fabrics. From the filtered polyester, it turned out to weave new fibers suitable for further use.

The next step, according to the researchers, is the processing of the dyes of old fabrics. The last word is for clothing manufacturers, who will need to carefully label their products with the type of material and dye.